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Planetary Gearbox Flender For Alstom Mill

The mill is also called vertical mill. The mill is operated intermittently, and the slag is manually loaded into the iron bowl-shaped grinding disc of the planetary gearbox flender for alstom mill, and is ground by a heavy grindstone, and the slag is crushed due to the weight of the grindstone itself. At the same time, because the distance between the points on the width of the grindstone is different from the central rotating shaft, the linear velocity of each point is different, so sliding friction occurs between the grindstone and the grinding disc, causing the slurry to be crushed and disintegrated.

planetary gearbox flender for alstom mill
planetary gearbox flender for alstom mill
The advantage of the planetary gearbox flender for alstom mill is that the operation is easy and the equipment is simple. The disadvantage is that the equipment is heavy, intermittent operation, labor intensity, large floor space, and difficult to clean in the factory. Previously, the device has been used more and has been gradually reduced. The mill is an industrial equipment widely used in the selection or rough selection of various ores such as metallurgy, iron selection, molybdenum selection, strontium selection, silver selection and lead selection.
Mill application and advantages and disadvantages
The earliest grinding was spring-loaded with smaller gauges. It is used to grind coal powder in power plants and cement plants, and later in the cement plant, a small amount is used to grind raw materials. Hydraulic large-scale milling, which has been manufactured in recent years, is mainly used to grind raw materials in cement plants, and it accounts for an increasing proportion of raw material production.
planetary gearbox flender for alstom mill
planetary gearbox flender for alstom mill
Milling is usually carried out by hot air flow during drying. In recent years, the use of suspended preheating kiln and waste heat from the kiln outside the kiln has been mainly utilized. Since the planetary gearbox flender for alstom mill itself has a classifier or separator, the milled air stream containing the fine powder is collected by the dust collector to grind the finished product.
The advantages of a mill compared to a ball mill are:
1. The size of the grinding material is large, and the large grinding machine can reach 50-80 mm. Therefore, the crushing system can be simplified without three times of crushing.
2. The waste heat of the kiln tail of the suspension preheating kiln and the kiln decomposition kiln can be utilized in large quantities to process the raw materials with water content up to 8%. For example, the auxiliary heat source can process 18% of the raw materials, so the raw material drying system can be omitted. Reduce clinker heat consumption.
planetary gearbox flender for alstom mill
planetary gearbox flender for alstom mill
3. Since the planetary gearbox flender for alstom mill itself has a dressing device, the material stays in the mill for a short time, only about 3 minutes, which can eliminate the fine powder in time, which is beneficial to reduce the phenomenon of over-grinding. Therefore, the grinding efficiency is high, the power consumption is low, the product particles are relatively uniform, and the fineness and composition of the adjusted grinding product are flexible, and the automatic control is convenient.
The power consumption of the milled grinding products is only 40-60% of the planetary gearbox flender for alstom mill, but the power consumption of the fan is large, so the system power consumption is only 6 kW·hr/ton less than the wind sweep ball mill.
4.Compact structure, small size, small footprint, about 50% of the ball mill; infrastructure investment, about 70% of the ball mill.
5.Low noise, less dust, clean operating environment.

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