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Parallel Shafts Triple Reduction Gearbox With Electric Motor For Winch

Winch with Parallel shafts triple reduction gearbox with electric motor, also known as a hoist, is a light and small lifting device that winds a wire rope or chain with a reel to lift or pull heavy objects.
 Parallel shafts triple reduction gearbox with electric motor
 Parallel shafts triple reduction gearbox with electric motor

The winch system mainly includes: main drum assembly, winch frame and shroud assembly, parallel shafts triple reduction gearbox with electric motor assembly, turntable transmission, main drum brake system, main brake cooling circulation system, water brake, water brake water circulation system, winch power input and output shields, crane anti-collision devices, etc. The winch part of the drilling machine is arranged on the power winch stern, which is compact in structure and convenient to install and disassemble.
 Parallel shafts triple reduction gearbox with electric motor
 Parallel shafts triple reduction gearbox with electric motor

The winch with parallel shafts triple reduction gearbox with electric motor has the following characteristics: high versatility, compact structure, small size, light weight, great weight, convenient use and transfer, and is widely used for lifting or flat dragging of materials such as construction, hydraulic engineering, forestry, mining, docks, etc. Auxiliary equipment for modern electronically controlled automatic lines. There are 0.5 tons to 350 tons, which are divided into fast and slow speed. Among them, the large-tonnage winch is more than 20 tons. The winch can be used alone or as a component in lifting, road construction and mine lifting. It is widely used due to its simple operation, large rope winding and convenient displacement. The main purpose of the winch: First, as a lifting device, used for mine lifting, sinking lifting and suspension (lifting) drilling equipment, that is, lifting ore, waste (stone), lifting personnel, decentralized materials, tools and equipment along the wellbore Second, as a transport equipment, used for underground transportation of ore (mine truck), mining ore (slag) or filling, removal of columns and so on.
After the winch is installed, it must be inspected and adjusted.
 Parallel shafts triple reduction gearbox with electric motor
 Parallel shafts triple reduction gearbox with electric motor

Winch adjustment:
1. Open parallel shafts triple reduction gearbox with electric motor, the tooth side clearance is 0.42 mm, the contact area is not less than 40% along the tooth height, and the length of the tooth is not less than 50%.
2. Check whether the transmission system of the working brake is flexible and reliable, and adjust the clearance between the brake shoe and the brake wheel when the brake is released is not more than 0.7-0.8mm.
3. Check whether the transmission system of the safety brake is flexible and reliable, and the clearance between the brake shoe and the brake wheel is not more than 1.5mm when the brake is released.
4. Check whether the control device of the working brake and the safety brake is interlocked with the main motor, that is, the main parallel shafts triple reduction gearbox with electric motor working brake is released, the main motor is stopped, and the working brake is braked, and only the safety brake is released to start the main motor.
Lubrication of the winch:
1. The custom made heavy duty engineering gear reducers is lubricated with winter gear oil or saturated cylinder oil. The oil surface should ensure that the worm is fully immersed in the oil. The high torque cast iron gear unit reduction is replaced with oil once a year.
2. The bearing of the spindle bearing and the output shaft end of the reducer should be replaced or supplemented with No. 4 calcium-based grease regularly, and the oil should be changed once every two years.
3. Lubricate the open gear before each drive.
4. The remaining lubrication parts should be lubricated before each driving. In particular, the thrust ring between the two gears on the output shaft of the reducer and the bushing of the movable gear should be filled with lubricating oil.

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