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Parallel Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer For Rolling Mill

Rolling mill, which belongs to mechanical equipment, frame work rolls, etc., is durable. The design of the parallel shaft mounted speed reducer requires compact structure and high strength requirements. A composite reducer can be used, and the gears are made of high-strength alloy steel.
parallel shaft mounted speed reducer
parallel shaft mounted speed reducer

Structural features:
1. When the small-diameter work roll is used, the rolling pressure is also small, the pass processing rate can be increased, the rolling pass can be reduced, and the hard and thin hard-to-deform material can be rolled without intermediate annealing. At the same pass reduction, the rolling pressure is only one-third that of a four-high mill, reducing energy consumption.
2. The frame adopts integral cast steel. The rolling mill with parallel shaft mounted speed reducer has great rigidity in the longitudinal and transverse directions; the deflection of the roll is very small, and the work roll can withstand large rolling pressure and horizontal strip tension to prevent the similar four-roll mill from slenderening. Side bend of the work roll. With a special roll type control device, it is possible to roll thin strips with high thickness and high straightness.
parallel shaft mounted speed reducer
parallel shaft mounted speed reducer

3. The rolling mill with parallel shaft mounted speed reducer has a large opening degree, so the ability to wear the belt and handle the accident is greatly enhanced, the roll changing is convenient, the working rate is increased, and the rolling cost is low, which is only 40%-80% of the four-high rolling mill.
4. The roller system is a tower-shaped structure, the work roller is driven by the friction of the four intermediate rollers, and the combined inline shaft three phase gearbox distributes the power for the four output shafts.
Roll system
The roll of the rolling mill with parallel shaft mounted speed reducer consists of a support roller, an intermediate roller, and a work roller.
1. Support roller. The support rollers are respectively mounted in the upper and lower support roller frames, and have high rigidity. The support roller has three shafts, and a special backing bearing is installed on one shaft, and the roller is divided into several sections. The bearings on both sides are large, the intermediate bearings are small, and the bearing installation is staggered. The replacement is performed on the line, and only on the line. The frame is replaced.
2, Middle roller. The intermediate roll includes an inlet roll and an exit roll which are housed in the same bearing housing. The balance of the intermediate roller is realized by the hydraulic cylinder installed on the bending roller seat. At the same time, the positive roller is also applied to the intermediate roller, and the bending roller force can be adjusted at any time according to the rolled plate type to eliminate the wave of the rolled strip shape.
3. Work rolls. The work roll has no bearing. When rolling, the work roll is positioned from all directions by the upper and lower intermediate rolls and the work roll balance bearing, and can be directly pulled out when the roll is changed.
parallel shaft mounted speed reducer
parallel shaft mounted speed reducer

The frame is a closed frame with integral steel castings which are made of durable materials to ensure the rigidity of the machine. The rolling mill with parallel shaft mounted speed reducer is pressed by a three-cylinder hydraulic cylinder and a plate type adjustment system, which is controlled by a hydraulic servo system. The two sides are the reduction cylinders, which are used to realize the rolling down of the rolling mill. The middle is the plate type cylinder. The pressure is controlled by the servo system to realize the control of the plate type. A lifting rail is embedded in the frame, and the lifting roller is supported by the supporting roller to replace the intermediate roller. The thrust gate is used for axial positioning of the work roll, and the push gate is opened to pull the work roll out.
The rolling mill with parallel shaft mounted speed reducer is that the intermediate roller is the driving roller, so that the distance between the root drive shafts is small, so the strength of the transmission shaft is high, and the maintenance requirements in use are also high. At the same time, the design of the parallel shaft mounted speed reducer requires compact structure and high strength requirements. A compound reducer can be used, and the gears  which have a certain characteristic of durable are made of high-strength alloy steel.

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