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High Strength Compact Dimension Gear Reducer Manufacturer For Crane

The gear reducer manufacturer of the crane is welded by steel plate, the box is annealed and destressed, the gear is made of high quality low carbon alloy steel, the tooth surface is treated by carburizing and quenching, and the product is processed by grinding, the product quality is stable and the performance is reliable.
gear reducer manufacturer
gear reducer manufacturer

The gear reducer manufacturer for cranes is developed on the basis of the medium hardened reducer for cranes. The hard surface reducer of the crane is welded by steel plate, the box is annealed and destressed, the gear is made of high quality low carbon alloy steel, the tooth surface is treated by carburizing and quenching, and the product is processed by grinding, the product quality is stable and the performance is reliable.
Working conditions:
1) The peripheral speed of the low noise and high quality gear reduction motor is not more than 20m/s;
2) The speed of the high speed shaft is not more than 1500r/min;
3) The working environment temperature is -40 to +45 °C;
4) It can be operated in both forward and reverse directions.
gear reducer manufacturer
gear reducer manufacturer

Performance characteristics:
Taking into account the working characteristics of gear reducer manufacturer of the cranes, the range of transmission ratios, and further improving the performance of the products, and adopting fewer specifications to meet the requirements of users in various aspects, the characteristics of the reduction gears for cranes are:
1) High carrying capacity. The gears are carburized, quenched and grounded, and the load carrying capacity is greatly improved compared with the soft tooth surface and the medium hard tooth surface soft teeth surface cylindrical gear box reducer of the tempering hobbing.
2) Small size and light weight. Compared with soft tooth surface and medium hard tooth surface custom made heavy duty engineering gear reducer manufacture, the same load capacity reducer can reduce 2-4 equivalent frame numbers.
3) High efficiency, low noise and low vibration. The grinding gear reducer manufacturer has improved the accuracy grade, and the gear has been trimmed. The overall efficiency of each gear is 0.98, and the vibration and noise are significantly reduced.
4) Adopt multi-level number to reduce single-stage speed ratio. The center distance can be opened to reduce the height of the reducer and meet the requirements of various cranes; the maximum nominal transmission ratio of the reducer reaches 400, which meets the requirements of slow cranes.
5) Three-point reducer can be installed in vertical, horizontal and even deflection angles, which is convenient and flexible.
6) This series of reducers have three or four stages of combination (ie, three-stage assembly type, four-stage transmission ratio) to provide the premise for the generalization of slow speed cranes.
gear reducer manufacturer
gear reducer manufacturer

Comparison of advantages:
Compared with the secondary enveloping worm gear pair, the gear reducer manufacturer hardened surface reducer has the following advantages:
1) High transmission efficiency and strong carrying capacity;
2) The ratio is flexible and the combination is convenient;
3) Easy to install;
4) Reasonable cost;
5) Can achieve modular design;
6) Trend and so on.
The highly standard modular harden designed gear adopts helical gear transmission. The efficiency is 0.95--0.98 in the closed meshing, the theoretical maximum transmission power is greater than or equal to 50000kw; the speed v/(m/s) is less than or equal to 130; for the secondary enveloping worm gear In the case of high processing precision and good lubrication, the transmission efficiency can only reach 0.95, but in general worm drive, the efficiency is generally in the range of 0.70-0.92. Due to heat limitation, the maximum transfer power Pi(kw) = 750, but usually less than or equal to 50 kw. High-speed, large-size cranes have become the mainstream of the market. The application of high-power motors on large-size cranes is quite common. The use of hard-toothed gear transmissions with high transmission efficiency will bring better economic benefits to users.

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