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High-speed R Series Helical Reducer For Cement Pipe Machine

Cement pipe machine, as its name suggests, is the machine with high-speed R series helical reducer for making cement pipes. It is also known as cement pipe machine and cement pipe equipment.The main structure is divided into two parts: machinery and mold.

1. Suspended roller tube making machine
The suspension roll type pipe making machine (usually composed of a suspension roll forming machine and a feeder) with high-speed R series helical reducer is a suspension roll method for producing concrete and reinforced concrete drainage pipes (referred to as drainage pipes) and three-stage prestressed concrete water pipes (referred to as water pipes). Molding equipment. The products produced by the unit have good compactness, beautiful appearance, high production efficiency, low material consumption, low noise, simple equipment and good working environment.
2. Centrifugal tube machine
The centrifugal cement pipe making machine with high-speed R series helical reducer uses sand, stone and cement as raw materials to produce various kinds of reinforced concrete drainage pipes with lengths of 1000-5000mm and inner diameter of 200-1200mm, such as flat mouths, tongues and sockets. The various mechanical indicators are in full compliance with national standards. It is widely used in water supply and drainage projects for deep wells, municipal drainage, highways, etc. With high grade requirements, the production efficiency is 4-5 knots/hour.
Compared with the suspension roller process, the production equipment is only different from the molding unit. The centrifugal machine is used to replace the suspension roller machine. Other equipments such as lifting equipment, steel frame forming machine, steaming facility, and crucible mixing are the same as the suspension roller process. It also saves construction investment and can build an open-air production line.

Centrifugal molding adopts one-time feeding molding. After the feeding, the concrete should be flattened to make the fabric uniform, to ensure smooth and smooth inner wall after accelerated centrifugation. The feeding speed should be based on non-slip material, generally controlled at 280 rpm (motor speed).
Maintenance of the pipe machine:
1. The production process of the pipe making machine with high-speed R series helical reducer should be cleaned. The flushing work should be done before each work, so that the running parts can not have the cement slurry adsorbed around, which affects the normal operation of the machine.
2. Adjust the spacing between the upper and lower pulleys to ensure the normal transmission power of the main 3kw three phase explosion proof motor , that is, the speed of the suspension roller forming, so that the compactness of the cement pipe meets the standard requirements.
3, Each rotating part should be regularly lubricated to make it flexible.
4. The electric drum of the feeding machine with high-speed R series helical reducer is adjusted at any time to ensure the tight conveying of the conveyor belt and ensure the required conveying capacity of the cement pipe.
5. Use correctly and do the regular maintenance then we can ensure the normal use of the suspension roller unit.
6. Due to the different settlement degree of the foundation, the user is required to adjust the six bolts of the suspension roller shaft and the large pulley and the one adjustment bolt after the transmission in the process of using the machine with high-speed R series helical reducer to ensure the same of the suspension roller shaft and the transmission shaft. Axis.

7. The contact between the two ends of the suspension roller and the pipe retaining ring will inevitably cause local wear after a period of use. At this time, the worn part must be filled with 507 welding rod to the required size before reuse.
8, Electric drum and trolley travel reducer, must be added with mechanical oil for lubrication and cooling before using them.

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